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Creativity and Innovation

It’s not about us. It’s about our clients. It’s about you, and helping you get at the heart of your target audience.

MarkRamosDesigns can best be described as a team of spirited individuals dedicated to rocking the world of marketing.

The creativity and innovation we apply to our projects allow us to dig deeper into the emotions driving consumer attitudes, perceptions and decision-making.

Simply put, we’re different. We believe fresh is better than stale, that problems can be solved through creative thinking and that in the end, the client with the best ideas wins.


Here are some of our latest and finest portfolio

Periwinkle Website re-design

Non-profit in the Houston area who wanted a new site to celebrate their 30 years of servicing the community.

Magazine design

Magazine design for local and nationwide audiences. Ad design, magazine layout and pre-press were all part of these projects

National Ad Campaigns

Concept and design of online web ads for national campaigns with Wal-mart, Kia, 24hour Fitness, Sonic and more.



We are dedicated to providing high-quality business communications solutions using the latest hardware and software. We offer: Business Cards, Postcards / Flyers, Brochures, Presentation Folders, Envelopes, Letterhead, Vinyl Banners, Retractable Banner Stand


Whether you need a promotional site or a full-blown out-of-this-world super site or simply a place to display company information online, our award-winning Web development team will work with you to provide solutions that are tailored to your needs.


We work with our clients from the early conceptual stages to the final moments of post-production providing a complete solution. In every project we determine the best possible production styles that we can create while staying within budget. We work with handheld and even drones.


Social media marketing is the process of promoting your site through social media channels. Each day millions of conversations are taking place online in social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more. Don’t let the conversations happen without you! There is no other low-cost promotional method out there that will easily give you large numbers of visitors.


Are you a small business with BIG dreams. Do you need help with your marketing ideas or where to start? We can help. We can offer you our entire staff and expertise with small businesses to be your very own marketing department. The best part is that you can have the full-time work and resources of a marketing department at a part-time price.


Targeted HTML E-mail newsletter campaigns are one of the easiest and lowest priced ways to increase customer retention and repeat sales by keeping in touch with your existing customer base. Anytime you have a new product or service available through your Web site, you can let all of your customers know about it. It’s as easy as sending an email!


Marketing isn’t a one-time consideration. You do it; it’s done. Marketing is an on-going process of updates, testing, refinements, more testing until your site is growing naturally, on its own. Having a web site is important, but increasing traffic and attracting visitors to your site should be the top priority. Our internet marketing service is designed to drive targeted traffic to your web site.


Our web marketing team excels at getting our clients great search engine rankings. We optimize web sites using search engine optimization techniques that have lasting effects. Recognizing that recent studies have revealed that over 80% of Web traffic utilizes Google or Google-powered search engines, we use Google as our benchmark for all search engine optimization campaigns.


In an industry filled with promises of traffic and transactions, it is critical that you work with a company that you can trust to provide you with the information that you need to track your campaign. We provide such resources to all of our clients. This information can be difficult to follow, which is why our web marketing experts are always available to help with detailed analysis of a campaign.

Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs.

– Frank Chimero